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   Rachel Daar founded Belladaar because she grew tired of not finding the dainty, yet strong jewelry she desired. She originally began making pieces solely for herself, but constantly received inquires about where to find the jewelry she wore. It wasn't long before Belladaar's pieces started selling directly off of Rachel's own wrists; prompting more production of her unique jewelry design and innovative creations. Rachel combines her skill as a metal smith and jewelry lover with her talent as a modern fashion innovator who is always just a step ahead of the crowd.

     Belladaar jewelry is all handcrafted in Los Angeles. Rachel only uses the best metals and stones to ensure high quality, long lasting pieces. Rachel's own inventiveness is sparked from inspiration she has found through her travels across the globe. In result, she takes elements from her own experiences and interweaves them into her personal creations, giving a unique twist on each item. Once you buy from Belladaar, you not only retain an exquisite and multifunctional piece of jewelry, but also an extraordinary hand-made creation. 

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